Your Passion… Your Life.

If you are not careful your passions will pass you by… Don’t be afraid, jump in and own it.

I set this website up to share my personal moments, stories and experiences as I journey though life. I will constantly add new pages, photos, stories and blogs from my explorations and adventures.

Hopefully you will enjoy this ride with me as much as I will. Stay motivated and explore your own passions new or old.

Tune in and enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Your Passion… Your Life.

  1. My thoughts are: Enjoy the experience with all that comes with stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring a whole new way of living life and what you have to give and serve others. Passion and purpose needs to be the focus always. Love what you’re doing Milt, you’re one of my heroes. your step-mom, Pat

  2. Great to have this window into the journey of Uncle Milt and meeting you at UCLA and having had the fortune to enter the WEAVER WORLD has enriched my journey. Hugs and love and compliments on the BLOG. Ron Samuel

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