4 Days on the high seas around Caribbean 

I feel very lucky to have been able to share an incredible motorcycle ride adventure with my brother and now able to share a cruising adventure with my sister, my niece, and my mom in the same year.

Day 1

The day started off taking a redeye flight from Los Angeles only to have a tug hit the plane and experiencing a two hour delay.

It all worked out as we got into Miami this morning and  got on the boat as planned. 


We just left South Beach and are now on our way out to sea. 

If you can call 10 floors of floating luxury little Empress of the Seas is one of the smallest in the fleet, but still manages to have a very cool outdoor theater to fully take advantage of the perfectly warm 80s degree evening. Midnight movie of Batman v. Superman anyone? 😃 

Day 2The 

Awesome sight to wake up to….

Dawn rocks the house at karaoke night singing some Christina Aguilera… Note she’s not even reading the lyrics to sing the song. 🙂

Wanda up $100s, mom just swinging for the fences with every pull of the one armed bandit and me… Well let’s just say I have trown in the towel as “the big loser” 😞 

The good news… So we are now headed to Nassau Bahamas. 

The bad news… We were supposed to headed to the keys… Re-routing due to “tropical storm activity”

This is the main pool… Might not look like much in this video but trust me you don’t want to be in it… Gonna be some sea sick folks tonight. 

Day 3

Arrived into Nassau safe and sound. We had an awesome day with a local driver that took us all around to see the local and tourist sights… 

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