Ski the Beav ’17

After a few years off it was good to meet up with the guys for another “dudes weekend” of inappropriate jokes, great food by chef Jimmy and enjoying The Beav. 

Day 1

As usual the long weekend trip started with all of us flying into Salt Lake City meeting up and eating at The Red Iguana to Pre-Game the weekend of skiing on Beaver Mountain with some amazing Mexican food and local hospitality. 

Can you find us in this picture?

Then the drive to the Idaho… let the games begin…

After a couple of hours of verbal jousting and bad jokes we arrive at the little log cabin (okay not so little… but it is made out of logs). 

Dinner… As usual Jim did not disappoint with a home made Italian sausage and pasta with a tasty red sauce and a field greens salad. 

Day 2

Chef Jimmy breaks out some home cured bacon and eggs for breakfast. And we head to the Beav for our “first run”… 

The snow was wet and deep the day was cloudy and cold which made for a challenging day when you have not been skiing for a few years… But all in all it was an awesome day and just good to be in it (so to speak).

After a day of skiing back to the cabin for yet another treat for the tastebuds. 

Tonight it’s a pork roast, polenta with sautéed spinach and mushrooms. 

Not sure if it’s the skiing or the food that is the best part of the trip.  😉 

Day 3 

Wow!!! Just perfect. 

Papa John wells cooked up some of his world famous pancakes and home cured bacon and we were off to Beaver Mountain again for some skiing. 

The pictures say it all. 

Perfectly, incredible day of skiing or riding … the sun was out, 5+ inches of fresh powder and no more than a 3-5min wait in lift lines. Oh and did I mention the runs were practically empty. 

Just perfect. 

Shared info (you kinda had to be there) :

1) Never accuse someone of a leak… wearing Austin power type straight pants with your zipper open.

2) The value of Patina 

3) How to fork a lime


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