His sprit lives on…

With love in my heart, and knowing he is in a better place…

Yesterday (11/28/2021) my best friend and father Fred Weaver III, M.D. passed away.

At the age of 94 he touched many lives as I am sure he will continue to do as his sprit lives on within us.

3 thoughts on “His sprit lives on…


    A legend.
    A friend.
    A man.
    My father.
    Your Father
    The World’s Father
    An inspiration.

    A week does not pass that I do not talk about pops.

    Thank you and your siblings for sharing him with me, and with the world.
    I know it was not always easy for you, as some part of us wants exclusivity with our own parents, but some parents belong to the world.

    I love you my brother and your family has been close to me in many important moments of my life.

    You Dad inspired me to have NO LIMITS and you were always one of the very few people on the planet I could talk to about my REAL plans and my real DREAMS.

    I hope only that when it is my time to leave here at least one person will have been touched by me the way your Pops, our Pops, the world’s Pops, touched so many lives.

    If you want to get away from the USA for awhile, I HAVE an extra bed in my room, in Pisa, Italy.

    Just say the word and I will pick you up at the airport, Pisa, International.
    I am still not floating in gold, but working on things to change the world as we know it, and it would be great to sit in front of mediaeval buildings as I give you the details.

    I celebrate with you from the distance the onward journey of a great spirit.
    I remember the many times you would chuckle while at UCLA and tell me something about that great man, till finally I met him at his apartment in Westwood.

    Brother I am here if you want to jump on a plane and come this way.

    With love and affection,
    Ron Samuel

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