Goodbye and Good Riddance!

2020 personally started with a broken heart đź’”, a ridiculous tax bill and it was only down hill from there for us all, with Covid-19 virus, more black deaths and discrimination, morally corrupt political leaders, etc. … Basically 2020 sucked.

Now focusing on healing and all there is to be thankful for, 2021 is looking up! I am hopeful all will come out the other side of 2021 stronger and smarter.

Happy New Year all… Be Safe. Be Happy!

Time for another road trip…

With Covid I have had to refocus travels to road trips away from people…

Road song: “butta beans and cornbread”

Stay tuned for the next adventure…

Day 1: Vegas to Orderville (Northeast side of Zion)

Day 2: Kanab Utah (BLM / Slot Canyons)

Pink Coral Dunes

Day 3: Zion

Day 4: BLM (road side plinking)