Birthday Road-trip 2021

This year I will drive from Las Vegas to Monterey for car week via Los Angeles and San Francisco. Visiting friends along the way the journey should be a good one!

Day 1

Leaving Las Vegas 8/5/21

First Stop LA for an awesome weekend…

Nothing better than a Roadtrip breakfast

Marjorie and I bettering our bowling at LA’s oldest bowling alley…

From bowling to Malibu … a perfect weekend.
Highland Park Bowl… Very cool place!

Second stop… NorCal.

Quick jaunt up the grapevine from LA 2 SF (and no that’s NOT my speedometer 😉)
Great visit with my buddies and their dogs…
Cooper giving me a birthday gift

Amazing to have, meet up with and break bread with friends that have been in your life over half of it …

Roy Grigsby and Michael Johnson ✌🏾🤟🏾

Monterey car week… for any car person this is just amazing!

Hanging with Roy and his Dog Cooper…

Day 2 Bonham’s and Quail Lodge

Day 3

Note the auction hammer prices
Back to Vegas after a lovely Roadtrip!

Mother’s Day thoughts…

It is said that a woman is the personification of the Moon because the moon’s life cycle corresponds to the cycle of the woman. Although I understand this, I am conflicted. I tend to think the woman is the personification of the Sun. No life exist without the Sun. The sun has the power of life and death. Without it there is no life. It is the source of all growing things. All living things worship it and move in accordance to its abundant power.

Hence, MOTHERS…. Today is the day we celebrate you, but it is really insignificant as compared to your contributions. For us who know, you are celebrated every living day because without you, there is no life.. there is no love.. there is no joy.. there is no empathy.. there is no spirit. And for us who know, we love you for it and uplift you because of it.

Happy Mother’s Day, 💌 2021.

Love You Mom!