Worth watching…

One could hypothesize that the reason Biden won in 2020 (and Tump didn’t as in 2016) election was due to all the mail in votes… Especially after seeing how the US voting systems are so vulnerable… Watching this movie makes it clear this Has to be a priority to fix! It shouldn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican if you believe in democracy.

I’m voting on paper (mail in) going forward… please watch…


Goodbye and Good Riddance!

2020 personally started with a broken heart 💔, a ridiculous tax bill and it was only down hill from there for us all, with Covid-19 virus, more black deaths and discrimination, morally corrupt political leaders, etc. … Basically 2020 sucked.

Now focusing on healing and all there is to be thankful for, 2021 is looking up! I am hopeful all will come out the other side of 2021 stronger and smarter.

Happy New Year all… Be Safe. Be Happy!